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To See or Not to See? : The Effect of Technology on Society

In Part three of the book , ” Open Sky”, by Paul Virilio, the idea of too much visual stimulation is brought to the forefront of the reader’s minds. “Vision is no longer… Continue reading

Service or Servitude?

OPEN SKY DISCUSSION¬† We have been discussing the novel, Open Sky, by Paul Virilio and the questions it raises about life, technology, and our society. When I began to read this novel, I… Continue reading

Is Big Brother Watching You?

LIBEL AND PRIVACY IN A DIGITAL AGE Throughout the semester, we have been learning about how to make entertainment effective and engaging. The main focus has been how to write, how to format,… Continue reading

It’s All About You: The importance of the Audience in Online Media

“Writing successful web content doesn’t start with typing words. It starts with finding out about your audience and your needs.”- Redish In the article, “ Letting go of Words: Writing Web Content that… Continue reading

Editing the Web of Online Data

This picture about is comical , but it is a visual representation of what it is like in today’s world. Currently, the online ¬†world is filled with a million avenues to get entertainment,… Continue reading

3 Animals that Every Furman Student Should Know About

      Here is my Digital Communication video. I highlighted three animals, the Paladin horse named Fury, a German Shepherd named Rocky, and a Black Australian Swan named Thomas. These animals all… Continue reading

I Wanna Rock and B-Roll All Night

This classic line from the band KISS has been sung in stadiums across the world. ” I wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday” is an anthem to the youth of… Continue reading

How’s The View?

It’s all about perspective or a certain mindset. A unique Point of View can change the ordinary into the extraordinary. For example, this pictures uses simple elements, like birds and trees , to… Continue reading

Crossing Boundaries: The Elements of an Experience

“While everything, technically, is an experience of some sort, there is something important and special to many experiences that make them worth discussing. In particular, the elements that contribute to superior experiences are… Continue reading