I Wanna Rock and B-Roll All Night

This classic line from the band KISS has been sung in stadiums across the world. ” I wanna rock and roll all night and party everyday” is an anthem to the youth of America to be carefree and enjoy life. I would like to take this phrase and discuss the change called ” Rocking and B-Rolling”. B-Roll is an important characteristic of the article, ” The Aesthetics of Editing, by Osgood and Hinshaw, highlights the important aspects of creating a captivating media experience. One of the concepts that is used in video is “B-roll”. It is defined as footage that visually defines the story. I wanted to highlight this technique because the authors say that is necessary in footage. In our own videos, we are using b-roll to visually describe the audio from an interview that we have taken. If you are a beginner and want to learn more about shooting B-roll, here is a great tutorial.¬†Throughout the reading, the authors highlight the importance of many techniques in having high quality and professional videos.

Some of these techniques include:


-Continuity: maintaining story consistency from shot to shot and within scenes . There are different types of continuity in the physical and technical realms. Physical Continuity is related to all of the concrete areas of production. For example, whether an actor is wearing the same clothing in all the shots or whether the props are in the right positions throughout the scenes. Technical Continuity is when there is consistency throughout audio levels and lighting balances and consistent camera angles.

This got me thinking. Have there been many major blunders in the past that these authors thought they needed to point out these areas of concern? I began to research the major mishaps in editing movies. Here is a video of “Movie Mistakes” from the Gladiator, Braveheart, Toy Story and others. This underscores the importance that this article gives to editing and how it can make or break the audience’s perception of your work.

Some other ways of maintaining continuity are using vectors ( eye sight lines, buildings) for cuts, maintaining screen direction, clearing the frame by showing the action leave the shot before the frame moves on. All of these and more in the article can help to improve the quality work of your video. Most importantly, you can shoot all the video you want , but if you do not edit properly, it will be a useless effort. I have learned that editing is not just a suggestion, but a science.