May The Force Be With You

This quote that is used over and over again by Star Wars fanatics across the globe is not only applicable to the Sci-Fi world. In the reading, “The Two Dimensional Field”, the reader… Continue reading

Showing off my Skills

  Check out this link below! Furman’s Best Friends This is a podcast discussing the animals on Furman’s campus that make the most impact. I talk about my experiences at Furman regarding animals… Continue reading

FLASH: a mob dance craze, a super hero, and a type of documentary

THE TECHNIQUES AND TOOLS OF A SUCCESSFUL FLASH DOCUMENTARY  When the word flash is mentioned in a conversation, it can be perceived in many forms. Flash can be used as an adjective to… Continue reading

Radio’s Impact on Society: Then and Now

  ” Radio listening is such a mundane, effortless act that we have become oblivious to its complexities. Yet radio has taught us, socialized us how to listen to different things, and how… Continue reading

FurMAN’s Best Friends : The Animals on Campus that Make an Impact

Here are 20 photos that I have taken around the campus that showcase the influential wildlife. Before I began this project, I never knew what wonders were right outside my apartment. I have… Continue reading

Before and Afters: How Photoshop Can Enhance Your Photos

These are 5 photos before and after I edited them using Photoshop. I found the process to be tedious but worthwhile! It’s amazing what a difference that these edits made to my pictures.… Continue reading

Combining Images: How Composition Makes An Impact

In our reading, “ The meaning of composition”, by Kress and van Leeuwen, I found myself getting submerged in many new technical terms that I could not comprehend. The basic concept that I… Continue reading

“We the People” : Classifying the Ideology of Images

“ In contemporary taste cultures, the circulation of objects through categories of taste and the reclassification of objects according to new scales of value show us that hierarchies of taste and beauty are… Continue reading

The Power of an Image: Defining Meaning through Society

“ The power of the image derives not only from its status as photographic evidence of this exact moment in time but also from its powerful evocation of the personal and political struggles… Continue reading

Male vs Female Athletes in Media

We read an article called, ” Framed and Mounted : Sport through the Photographic Eye”, the author highlights the difference between male and female athlete photos. So, I decided I wanted to find… Continue reading