Crossing Boundaries: The Elements of an Experience

“While everything, technically, is an experience of some sort, there is something important and special to many experiences that make them worth discussing. In particular, the elements that contribute to superior experiences are knowable and reproducible, which make them designable.” 

This quote was said by Nathan Shedroff, the author and creator of Experience Design. On his website, Nathan talks about his concept of Experience Design and how it is still in its infancy. He believes that all experience are important and that it is not just the digital media, but also the traditional and the physical experiences.

He talks about the Elements of an Experience that are depicted in this photo


There are boundaries that attract the reader in the beginning and then engage the reader in the middle and resolve in the end. We use data to discover and the information is data that is put into context. Knowledge is created through conversation and storytelling, while wisdom requires more retrospection. A new concept in the world of digital media is interactivity which allows the participants to be up close and personal.

Finally, he talks about the Characteristics of a story:

– Authenticity




Shedroff is developing these theories to this day and they keep expanding and evolving as experiences change.