How’s The View?

ImageIt’s all about perspective or a certain mindset. A unique Point of View can change the ordinary into the extraordinary. For example, this pictures uses simple elements, like birds and trees , to create a visual masterpiece through this point of view.

In the article, “Point of View“, by Douglass and Harnden, the authors discuss how a story is crafted by the unique points of view from the characters. A point of view can be a specific camera shot, like the photo above. Or, a point of view can be referring to the perspectives of the storyteller. Finally, it can also refer to the beliefs associated to a specific character’s perspective.

For an example of a POV camera shot, which shift the storytelling to a first person account, we can look to interactive gaming systems. For instance, the games where you can ride a snowmobile across a frozen tundra or ride a rollercoaster. These simulations place the participant in a virtual world by giving the POV shot of being in the middle of the action. This photo is simulating that we, as the adventurer, are riding the bike on the mountainous trail.


Then, there is the perspective of the storyteller, which can be in first person or second person. An example of this is when the main character directly faces the camera and lets the audience into his or her thought processes at that specific moment in time. Many people cite The Office as a prime example of this phenomenon. But, my memory with this technique dates back to a little known Disney Channel Movie called Quints. As the picture below shows, Quints followed the life of a teenage girl who got a lot of siblings at once. Throughout the movie, she would have the ability to freeze time and relay her feelings to her audience, which was me watching at home.


Here is a clip of Jamie describing her school in the movie. She uses the character point of view to define and illustrate to her audience a typical day in her life. Overall Point of view is used to cultivate a specific idea that the characters want to convey. Not all Point of Views result in the same feelings by their audience, but all can be effective if done in the proper manner and not overdone.