Editing the Web of Online Data

kids-jokes-spider-web_0This picture about is comical , but it is a visual representation of what it is like in today’s world. Currently, the online  world is filled with a million avenues to get entertainment, news, and information . All of these sites create a web that is hard to untangle. In Chapter 6 , “Online Editing, Designing, and Publishing” from the book ” Writing for Digital Media”, Carroll says, ” Online editors should influence if not direct information design and planning rather than merely fixing or correcting problems . ( p 120)”

This chapter gives step-by step instructions for Online Editing and I decided that I was going to apply these steps to my own blog and see how I compared:

  1. Identify your readers and the purpose of the content : My readers are people like you because you are reading my blog 🙂 Readers who are interested in the realm of Digital Communications.
  2. Define document structure and links: My document is in the style of a blog and users will navigate through the main site into the separate blog posts.
  3. Decide on the brand: My brand is going to light tones for the colors and fonts and more personal than professional. I want my blog to seem like I am a college student who is interested in this topic and reporting on it.
  4. Edit and Copy Edit: I went through and made sure that my links sent you all to the correct sites ( although you can go back and check me), and then I had my roommates be my copyeditors. They looked for misspelled words and for inconsistencies with my writing.
  5. Write headlines/subheaders: I always write my headlines for these posts to be entertaining and informative to the reader who will be looking at them.
  6. Test usability : I pretended like I was a new user to my site and tried to navigate through the site. I feel that the simplicity of the site is helpful regarding the usability. It is easy to see what my posts are about and how to get to them.

I would encourage everyone to use these steps to test your own websites and blogs and see how you compare! Good Luck!