Exploring the Realm of Photography

This week, our reading was on ” Digital Still Photography” and I decided that I was going to put into practice the methods they were talking about. So, I am going to try… Continue reading

Truth?: Role of Bloggers and Blog Profitability

“ There is a quest for truth in blogging. But it is a truth with a question mark. Truth here has become an amateur project, not an absolute value, sanctioned by higher authorities”… Continue reading

Can Anybody Hear You?

DISCUSSING THE WORLD OF BLOGGING AND INTERCONNECTEDNESS  Imagine yourself on top of a grassy hill with miles of farmland around you. All you have in your hand is a white megaphone. You press… Continue reading

Critiquing Headlines of The Guardian

3 good headlines –       “Record number of people fleeing Syria, UN reports” It summarizes the content of the story and also attracts the readers attention –       “ Prevalence of malnutrition in southern Afghanistan… Continue reading

Climbing the Inverted Pyramid: Learning about Hyperlinks and Verification Techniques

I have never been to Egypt. I haven’t climbed up the steep steps of an ancient pyramid. But, I can say with upmost certainty that it would be impossible to climb up an… Continue reading

Does the Guardian guard our interests?

The Guardian News Site Review First Impression? Our first impression of the site was that it was extremely busy-looking. There was over 30 new stories on the front page and over 15 different… Continue reading

One thousand… Two Thousand… Three…

WILL YOU BE KEEP READING THIS PAGE?  Dale Doughtery has created a rule called “Three Second Rule”. He says,” a site has approximately three seconds to download properly, present itself and engage the… Continue reading

Making Waves….

” Once I was a scuba diver in the sea of words. Now I zip along the surface like a guy on a Jet Ski,” said Nicholas Carr. In his article,”Is Google Making… Continue reading

1,2,3 strikes… You’re out?

As summer has come to a close, we have all experienced the feelings of sadness and nostalgia to those nights where we had no work, no responsibilities , and no expectations. Although family… Continue reading