May The Force Be With You

This quote that is used over and over again by Star Wars fanatics across the globe is not only applicable to the Sci-Fi world. In the reading, “The Two Dimensional Field”, the reader learns how forces must be structured in a specific way to catch the viewers attention and not be distracting. Within a screen, one can emphasize certain directions to draw the viewer into a certain type of viewing experience. Now, I am directionally challenged, so I thought it would be best to give examples of some of the different types of forces.

There are two Main Directions within the screen, a horizontal or a vertical direction. The author says, ” Because of gravity and the fact that we are used to standing upright on level ground, we like to see our environment mirror our experience and be portrayed as stable series of horizontals and verticals(103)”. Our world is full of these combinations and we do not even realize it . For instance, this picture of New York has the horizontal landscape of the bridge with the vertical landscape of the sky scraper building.


Another concept that I want to define is vectors. These are directional forces that lead our eyes from one point to another in a picture field. There are graphic vectors,  a stationary element that guides our eyes, and index vectors, something that points unquestionably in a specific direction, and motion vectors, an object in motion that commands immediate attention, as the picture below.