Combining Images: How Composition Makes An Impact

In our reading, “ The meaning of composition”, by Kress and van Leeuwen, I found myself getting submerged in many new technical terms that I could not comprehend. The basic concept that I came away with is the fact that every time a layout is made, there is a lot of thought into the process. Whether it is for a book, an advertisement, an art piece, the way a reader will view the messages is all influenced by the organization of the material.

The factors that affect the decisions are types of readership audience, the message that is being conveyed, and the objectives of the organization publishing the product.

For example, “ Cultures which have long-established reading directions of a different kind (right to left or top to bottom) are likely to attach different values to these positions. In other words, reading directions may be the material instantiations of deeply embedded cultural value systems.” Once again, the cultural significance is playing the largest role in the resources. I wanted to see if I could find some advertisements that were portrayed differently than western culture. So, I looked up Arabic advertisements since I knew that they read from right to left and saw how they caught the attention of their audience. 






In the first image, the Oil company is portraying their product to that of a sturdy horse that will keep your engine running. Their given element is the horse while their new element was the Oil. The same is true with the second advertisement. They are trying to draw the attention to the female model who will entice a consumer to drink their product. 

I am beginning to understand how the composition can persuade or dissuade a consumer to be interested in a product and I am becoming a more informed, skilled consumer in today’s media world .