Exploring the Realm of Photography

This week, our reading was on ” Digital Still Photography” and I decided that I was going to put into practice the methods they were talking about. So, I am going to try to depict some of the things I learned about in this chapter through photos. Here we go!

The author says, ” the skillful photographer directs attention to the key elements in a picture but how the image is seen ultimately rests with the viewer.” I was looking through my own photos and realized that I never wonder about how my photos would be viewed by a public audience.

For instance, ImageThis photo to me documents a memorable experience in my life when I went to New Zealand for a May Experience trip and woke up early one morning and got on a bus and hiked out onto a cliff to take this photo. But, to a typical viewer, this photo may seem like just a pretty backdrop.

Like Lewis Hine used images to put a face on child labor, I wanted to see what one of my photos might “put a face” on. ImageThis is a picture of sweet Michael who is from the inner city of Atlanta and is getting to be in a pool for the first time. Not only is he in a pool, but he is learning to swim for future times. This picture puts a face on the children living in poverty and the hope that can be given in simple, but meaningful ways.

Throughout the reading, I realized that world is becoming more and more digitalized and still pictures are being replaced “platypus” journalists. But I think there is still something powerful in a picture. Even with all the junk coming at us these days, a picture can convey a story that cannot be done any other way.