One thousand… Two Thousand… Three…


Dale Doughtery has created a rule called “Three Second Rule”. He says,” a site has approximately three seconds to download properly, present itself and engage the viewer… or else” My title for this blog post directly correlates with what you as the reader just subconsciously did. You looked at my homepage and my graphics and by the time you finished the sub-heading, you had made up your mind to keep reading or to stop. Obviously, you, as the smart reader, decided to continue on. Throughout my readings in “Writing for Digital Media”, Chapters 2 and 3 explained how internet writing can attract or discourage viewers from their sites. I almost felt as though I was reading through a psychology textbook with the discussion of people’s online habits.

Did you know... ” a user’s eyes most often fixate in the upper left first, before hovering, then moving left to right.”? This means that my side bar is on the wrong side of the screen because people look to it as a last resort. Also, people pay more attention if there is one big heading and then a smaller heading underneath. All of these easy features that I didn’t know could make a big difference. It is these tiny details that are what make online publishing different from print publishing. As Brian Carroll said, ” the immediacy of the Web means content can be updated, added to, deleted and refreshed weekly, daily or hourly, which compares to the months or even years to publish a book.” The reality of today’s society is that online material can be seen from across the globe in a matter of seconds.This should shape how I write, and in what form I write. 

KISS– is what Chapter 3 told me to do. No, this is not talking about making out with technology. It means Keep It Simple and Scanable. Carroll talks about how short sentences and paragraphs keep the reader engaged. I never thought about planning a site by storyboarding. I just thought that was what they did at Pixar Animation Studios. My problem is deciding when things are and aren’t important. I want to give my readers all the content I think they need. But , this chapter showed me that sometimes less is more. Although I have a lot to improve on these areas, I am learning and it is always a process! So if you’ve lasted through this blog post, it has been more than 3 seconds, but I hope you learned something today!