1,2,3 strikes… You’re out?

As summer has come to a close, we have all experienced the feelings of sadness and nostalgia to those nights where we had no work, no responsibilities , and no expectations. Although family trips, and summer camps are typical activities, one of my favorite summer pastimes is also known as the “Great American pastime”. Being from Atlanta, the Delk family frequently makes a trip to Turner Field to see the Atlanta Braves play. Its not a usual summer if I do not get to immerse myself in a large crowd doing the Tomahawk chant or smell the aroma of funnel cakes from the food stands. I can almost hear the fans singing the old baseball song , ” Root,Root Root, for the home team. If they don’t win it’s a shame. For it’s 1,2,3 strikes you’re out at the old ball game.” I have now been at Furman for not one, not two, but three years on this campus. I have realized that I am on that 3rd strike sung throughout ball parks everywhere. My question is will I be “out” by the end of my junior year? Will I be able to discern how to win in my future life? I can’t answer these questions quite yet, but I am hoping that my Digital Communications class will help to coach me in the right direction. Our first assignment of writing a blog is daunting and engaging at the same time. I chose to use WordPress for my blog platform because when I typed in “Best blogging platform 2012”, the first 5 sites all chose WordPress at #1 for design tools, publishing tools, ease of use, and tech support. With this as my first official blog post, I am still learning how to use the site but I am happy with my decision. I appreciate how from even the sign up screen, the website was user-friendly and wanting to make the blogging experience as unique as possible. I chose to go with a theme called Splendio that  grabbed my attention with a sleek design. I wanted a simple, but striking theme. I also wanted my toolbar to be on the right side because I am right handed and so my tendency is look that direction.  I used easy to read ,bold fonts so no one could get distracted and could simply read what I had to say. I also added a picture to bring a more personal touch. My mission statement for the semester is to improve and expand my skills in the digital realm and begin to apply those skills to my passions and talents in the future. I am not sure what I want to do with my life, but I understand the critical role that media plays in today’s society. I feel as though I am going up to bat in this class and I am not sure if it will be a homerun or a strikeout. One thing is for sure… I’m ready to step up to the plate!